Garden Gift

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Quadrangle Beautification Project (QBP) is underway. The students of Schulich Medicine 2009 & 2010, are filling the quadrangle behind the Clinical Skills Building with gardens and seating for all members of the faculty, staff and student body to enjoy.

Andrew Burke (Meds 2009) says "Our initial focus will be on planting a garden the length of the quadrangle, which is 80 feet long. We will be using 48 different plant species so that this will be something really special. We'll be installing outdoor seating for 30 people." The quadrangle is centrally located so it's sure to be a popular spot.

"Students are spearheading this project because we want to make a lasting contribution to our school, " says Andrew. "This is a unique opportunity, so we are taking this chance to get our hands dirty in order to have a sense of ownership and personal investment."

In order for this project to succeed, the students are trying to raise $10,000 to build the garden and permanently fund its maintainence. Your contribution will provide you with the knowledge that you have assisted in what is truly a meaningful and tangible project that contributes to the appearance of the medical school. This is truly a unique and valuable student initiative which ultimately benefits us all as faculty, staff and students. Anyone interested in making a one-time, or annual donation can get the appropriate forms from Ronnine. ( All donations are tax deductible and will be issued a tax receipt. The money will go to garden and landscape material as well as seating in the area.

The quadrangle was initiated by Andrew Burke (Meds 2009), the garden layout and species selection was done by Amy Glover (Meds 2009) with input from Amanda Gardhouse (Meds 2010).