Unravelling the mysteries of cancer and neurodegeneration

Drs. Kun Ping Lu and Xiao Zhen Zhou are studying a stress-response enzyme involved in a puzzling inverse relationship between cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

New frontiers in breast cancer research

Alison Allan, PhD, leads a team of researchers in studying metastasis, a leading cause of death and the greatest unsolved issue for cancer patients.

The power and potential of collaboration

A successful research partnership focused on pregnancy and placental health demonstrates the benefits of working across disciplines and organizations.

Making complex chronic diseases a little less complex

Complex chronic diseases represent a major threat to Canada’s health care system and to Canadians’ quality of life. Researchers are working with new technologies to better understand the molecular profiles of these diseases and inform new therapies.

Caring for our defenders

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry is home to ground-breaking research in military medicine.

The clinician-scientist: Driving knowledge and innovation in health care

MD/PhD candidate and Vanier Scholar Peter Zeng interviews his supervisor, Dr. Anthony Nichols, about the role of clinician scientists, mentorship and the future of cancer research care.