Fellowship Programs


Ablative & Reconstructive Breast Fellowship

A Breast Fellowship is being offered through LHSC London Regional Cancer Centre and St. Joseph's Health Care. More information and requirements can be found here or by contacting Dr. Muriel Brackstone. Application deadline: October 31 of the year prior to commencing the fellowship. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Successful applicants will be notified December 1 of the year prior to starting the fellowship.

Synthes Canada Craniofacial Fellowship

The Fellowship, directed by Dr. Damir Matic, is for a 1-year period and is funded with full salary support. There are research funds available for both basic science and clinical projects (see objectives). The Fellowship consists of a 70% paediatric experience. This includes participation in the complete care of children born with cleft lip and palate, from the implementation of pre-surgical orthodontics to orthognathic surgery and cleft lip rhinoplasty. In addition, experience will be gained in treating patients with craniofacial anomalies, including both non-syndromic and syndromic craniosynostosis. The remaining 30% of the Fellowship includes the treatment of complex adult craniofacial trauma, as well as adult secondary reconstruction. There are opportunities to work with colleagues whose main interests include reconstruction of patients with facial nerve palsy, aesthetic surgery, and orthodontics. This is the first Craniofacial Fellowship in Canada of its kind that has been established with the support of Synthes Canada. It is unique in its ability to offer both a comprehensive paediatric and adult craniofacial experience. For more information contact Dr. Damir Matic.

Roth | McFarlane Hand & Upper Limb Centre Fellowships

The Roth McFarlane Hand & Upper Limb Centre Fellowship accepts graduates of recognized orthopaedic, plastic, and general surgery programs. The full spectrum of upper extremity surgery is taught in this multidisciplinary unit. In addition, for plastic surgery graduates an opportunity exists to combine this fellowship with exposure to aesthetic and/or microsurgery. For more information, view the webpages of The Roth McFarlane Hand & Upper Limb Centre, or contact the HULC Administrator.

Research Fellowships

The Roth McFarlane Hand & Upper Limb Centre provides postdoctoral research fellowships in three major disciplines in the laboratories associated with HULC. More information can be found on the pages of the Roth McFarlane Hand & Upper Limb Centre.

For basic wet-bench research post doctoral fellowships contact: Dr. David O’Gorman
For orthopaedic bioengineering post-doctoral fellowships contact: Dr. James Johnson
For clinical research fellowships contact: Dr. Joy Macdermid