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Past Visiting Professors and Awards


Past Western University Plastic Surgery Visiting Professors:

Dr. James Bain (Hamilton)
Dr. Rob Harrop (Calgary)
Dr. Joan Lipa
Dr. Carolyn Levis
Dr. Nick Carr
Dr. John Semple (Toronto)
Dr. Peter Lennox (Vancouver)
Dr. Mike Neumeister (Springfield IL)
Dr. Thomas Bell (Toronto)
Dr. Achilleas Thoma (Hamilton)
Dr. Patricia Bortoluzzi (Montreal)
Dr. Gordon Wilkes (Edmonton)
Dr. Joel Fish (Toronto)
Dr. Ralph Manktelow (Toronto)
Dr. Louise Caouette-Laberge (Montreal)
Dr. Peter Neligan (Toronto)
Dr. Don Lalonde (St. John)
Dr. Richard Warren (Vancouver)
Dr. Steven McCabe (Louisville)
Dr. David Smith (Ann Arbor)
Dr. Ken Murray (Winnipeg)
Dr. Oleh Antonyshyn (Toronto)
Dr. Susan Mackinnon (St. Louis)
Dr. Carolyn Kerrigan (Dartmouth)
Dr. Louis Vasconez (Birmingham)

Past Winners of the Dr. Robert McFarlane Resident Research Award:
Dr. Kitty Wu (2018)
Dr. Kitty Wu (2017)
Dr. Ashley Kim and Dr. Caitlin Symonette (2016)
Dr. Kristina Lutz (2015)
Dr. Caitlin Symonette (2014)
Dr. Aaron Grant (2013)
Dr. Stephanie Power (2012)
Dr. Kirsty Boyd (2011)
Dr. Toni Zhong (2010)
Dr. Arjang Yazdani (2009)
Dr. Raymond Tse (2008)
Dr. Dao Nguyen (2007)
Dr. Claire Temple (2006)

Past Western University Resident's Research Prize winners at the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons' Annual Meeting:
2018 Kitty Wu (Best Clinical Paper)
2015 Jacqueline Piggott (Best Basic Science)
2013 Kathryn Sawa (Best Poster)
2006 Sharon Kim (Best Poster)
2004 Toni Zhong (Best Clinical Research)
2003 Raymond Tse (Best Basic Research)
2003 Dao Nguyen (Best Poster)
2001 Dao Nguyen (Best Poster)
2000 Claire Temple (Best Basic Research)
1993 Bing Siang Gan (Best Basic Research)