Basic Science Research


Members of the Division of Plastic Surgery at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University are involved in both clinical basic research as well as pure wet-bench basic research. Patient-related clinical basic research is conducted at all sites. A fully equipped Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory is located at the Grosvenor campus of the Lawson Health Research Institute and is directed by Drs. O'Gorman and Gan. The major focus of this lab is on the Molecular mechanisms of Dupuytren's contracture and other fibroproliferative conditions such as hypertrophic scarring. This lab is supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. BioEngineering related basic research is conducted in the HULC BioEngineering Laboratory, also located in the Lawson Health Research Institute. This lab is directed by Drs. Johnson and King.

For more information: HULC BioEngineering Laboratory

Each member of the Division has a short description of their research interests on their personal webpages accessible through this site. A summary of their basic science research interests is found below:

Dr. Ross 
Dr. Ross' basic science research interests are in the realm of transplantation; he is working toward a non-human primate model for studying tolerance induction for limb transplantation.

Dr. Matic
Dr. Matic's basic science interests are in the elucidation of the effects of soft tissue distraction on craniofacial growth. In addition, he has ongoing work on the molecular effects of Botox on blood flow and its possible signalling mechanism.