In vitro Diagnostic tests


In vitro diagnostic tests have the advantage over in vivo tests (e.g., skin patch test, prick test, intradermal) and systemic rechallenge of being safe and carrying no potential harm to patients. In the Drug Safety Lab, we offer a pattery of in vitro tests with proved vlaue in diagnosis of Drug hypersensitivity. These test are particulrly useful for diagnosis of hypersensitivity reactions to drug s such as aromatic anticonvulsants, sulfonamides, NSAIDs, allopurinol, and beta-lactam antibiotics.

The Lymphocyte Toxicity Assay (LTA) has been shown to have a sensitivity of 98-100% and a specificity of 75-89% in diagnosis of DHRs with negative predictive value (NPV) and positive predictive value (PPV) of 64% and 90%, respectively (PMID:21053997, 11124336, 7955821).

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