The Drug Safety Lab (M.J. Rieder laboratory) is a research lab focused on understanding the molecular pathophysiology of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) for the purpose of developing safe and reliable diagnostic and predictive testing.

The lab has a long experience with in vitro testing for drug hypersensitivity reactions (DHRs, drug allergy) that extends for decades.The hair analysis division of the lab is focused on using hair samples as matrix to measure patient exposure to drugs and endogenous hormones such as cortisol. The latter is used as a marker for stress.We test blood samples from patients and healthy volunteers to aid diagnosis and prediction of DHRs.

The lab also trains number of postdoctoral fellows and graduate students on the use of cutting edge technologies aiming at expanding our knowledge on how small fraction of patients are prone to develop devastating and sometimes lethal ADRs to drugs that are otherwise safe for the majority of the population.


Drug Hypersensitivity Meeting 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

April 19-22, 2018




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