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Years 3 and 4

A Schulich Medicine student smiling as he does paperwork in the hospital

The third and fourth years of medicine include a 52 week integrated clerkship, clinical electives, and Advanced Basic Science Electives. During the third year Clerkship, the student becomes an active member of clinical care teams in the following medical disciplines: family medicine, medicine, obstetrics and gyneacology, paediatrics, psychiatry and surgery. Under the supervision of faculty and more senior housestaff, clerks are given graded responsibility in the diagnosis, investigation and management of patients in hospital, clinic and outpatient settings. All students in third year are required to complete a community Clinical Clerkship for a minimum of four weeks outside of London.

Beginning in Year 4, Clinical Electives are arranged entirely by the student in any area of medicine, at Western or in other centres. After completion of the Clinical Electives, students return to the Schulich Medicine in February for the Transition Period which includes: Advanced Basic Sciences (e.g. Surgical Anatomy, Medical Physiology) Advanced Communication Skills, General Review, Ecosystem Health, Health Care Systems, etc. This permits students to further integrate the basic and clinical aspects of medicine in light of their clinical experience.