What is the duration of the program?

The MD/PhD Program is seven years in total, and consists of four years of undergraduate medical education, and three years of doctoral studies in a Graduate program at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

How many spots are available in the program per year?

There are up to three spots available in the MD/PhD program each year.

What are the requirements for admissions to the program?

A student wishing to be accepted into the program must satisfy the admission requirements for both the MD program and the graduate program in their field of study. There is no exception to the requirement that applicants must meet the MD program admission requirements (MCAT scores and minimum GPA) set by the MD Admissions Office at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry for the year they are applying to the program in order to qualify for consideration, in addition to meeting the graduate program admission requirements. Note: at this time, the MD/PhD Program does not accept international students applying through the international pathway.

Is there preference given to applicants with a background in a particular field of study?

Applications are welcomed from students from many different backgrounds, including the principal science disciplines, e.g. chemistry or biology, the disciplines of medical sciences, e.g. pharmacology, biochemistry and microbiology, or non-medical disciplines such as kinesiology, economics, computer science or engineering.

How many applications are received per year?

The number of applications received by our office for the program varies each year.

What financial assistance is offered by students in the MD/PhD Program?

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry will provide a scholarship for $10,000 x 4yrs (total $40,000) of medical tuition to offset the principal costs of the four-year undergraduate medical program. During the research phases of the combined program, students will receive a stipend in accordance with the PhD level for their respective graduate program.