Application Process

Students must meet all the admissions criteria of both the MD and PhD programs. An application will be evaluated by the MD/PhD Committee, using the same criteria of academic achievement and scores as the Medicine Admissions Committee, as well as assessing the research experience of the individual. Qualified candidates are selected to come in for interview, in order to get a sense of the general skills, personality and potential of the individual, as well as their ability to cope with the workload and demands of the combined program.

Application deadline is December 1st. 

The MCAT scores required for consideration for medical admission can be found on the Medicine Admissions page.

Individuals interested in applying to the MD/PhD Program may obtain application and confidential assessment forms by clicking on:

  • MD/PhD Application Form (Word)  (PDF)
  • Confidential Assessment Form (Word)  (PDF)

Along with the completed MD/PhD Application we require:

  1. A curriculum vitae
  2. A written statement from the applicant describing his/her interest and commitment to the program, his/her area of research accomplishments, and possible directions for study.
  3. Two confidential letters of reference emphasizing, in particular, the student's aptitude for research. Confidential assessment forms are provided (link above) to assist the referees for their letters of reference - in Word and PDF format
  4. Copy of your academic record. Official transcripts are not required. 

Completed MD/PhD application packages and confidential assessment forms can be emailed to by the December 1st deadline.

Please direct any questions to