Associated Person

Define an Associated Person

Who is considered an Associated Person?

Many of these people are visiting scholars, visiting researchers/scientists, volunteers, employees of an Affiliated University College, clinical educators who are supervising, mentoring or assisting students in a hospital setting, etc.

Note: Individuals being paid Non-Continuing Non-Employment Remuneration (NCNER) are not generally assigned a User ID and do not have access to University resources and services. If they do require access to University resources, please register as an Associated Person

Why do I need to set up an Associated Person in PeopleSoft?

Registering an Associated Person will result in the individual being assigned a unique Western Identification Number and this Identification Number is used to provide access to appropriate resources at the University in support of that role.

Setting up an Associated Person

How do I set up an Associated Person in PeopleSoft?

This can be done through:

Manager Home
eManager Transactions
Initiate Transactions
Register New Associated Person

Or contact Schulich HR and we can do this for you.

What information do I need from the Associated Person?

The Associated Person needs to provide you with:

First & Last Name
Department & Department Code
Email Address

The information was entered. Does the Associated Person need to do anything now?

YES! Once the above information is entered into PeopleSoft, the new Associated Person will receive a link to the email they provided requiring them to enter their DOB and SIN (last 4 digits only). They are required to complete this step to finalize the process and get set up.

More Information on Associated Persons

Where can I find more information on Associated Persons?

To learn more, log-into the Administrator's Toolbox HERE.

Please contact a member of the HR team if you have questions or require further information.