Recoverable Salary Speed Codes

What is a Recoverable Salary Speed Code/Account?

Recoverable salary speed codes/accounts are used by the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry to recover funds (typically salaries or stipends) from the hospitals and/or other affiliate institutions.

In order for Schulich to recover these funds from the hospitals/Lawson, the steps outlined in this guide are required. Please select the Section which best applies to your hiring or fund change process.

The recoverable speed codes start with UW.

Western’s general ledger account number for recoverable speed codes is 012620.

The two most commonly used recoverable speed codes are:

  • UW98 for LHSC/Lawson accounts with the prefix LHR
  • UW8A for SJHC/Lawson accounts with the prefix LRI

For a complete listing of the 15 recoverable speed codes, see AppendixRecoverable Salary Accounts Listing for Schulich’ below.

Section 1: Staff / student hire is submitted in hard-copy format


Section 2: Staff / student hire is performed through SAS


Section 3: Staff / student hire is performed through Working @ Western


Section 4: Post-Doctoral Scholar hire is performed


Section 5: GRA is hired through My Human Resources


Section 6: Revised GRAAN forms for changes to pay rate (e.g. PAY OTH)


Section 7: Account / Funding Changes in My Human Resources


Section 8: Terminations


Appendix: Recoverable Salary Accounts Listing for Schulich


Printable copy of the Recoverable Salary Speed Code-Accounts (UW accounts) SOP

Recoverable Salary Speed Code / Accounts SOP