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The Schulich Faculty Affairs website contains the information and resources you will need during your successful academic career and we encourage you to become familiar with all that it offers.

Here you will find information about Western University employment documents and policies, clinical faculty Academic Role Categories, faculty job postings, faculty promotions and Orientation guide.

Part-Time Faculty Working at Western and Western ID activation Guide - for Part-Time Faculty Clinical Adjunct, Clinical Preceptor, Adjunct and Cross Reappointments and New Appointments


Faculty Policies and Agreements  

Faculty Collective Agreement UWOFA Members, Full-time and Limited Duties
Full-time and part-time Clinical Academics Conditions of Appointment for Physicians
Adjunct Appointees [formerly Casual Appointees] Procedures for Adjunct Academic Appointments at Western (excluding physicians appointed in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry)
Affiliated Institute Scientists Faculty Appointment and Promotion Procedures: Scientists Employed by Institutions Affiliated with Western University
University Secretariat – Academic Policies Academic Policies - University Secretariat - Western University (uwo.ca)

Faculty Job Postings 

For Full-Time UWOFA Faculty positions, UWOFA Academic Administrative positions please visit Office of Faculty Relations web site: Academic Careers Faculty (UWOFA) https://www.uwo.ca/facultyrelations/careers/faculty.html
For Full-Time Clinical Faculty positions, and Academic Administrative positions for clinicians, please visit this web site:  Academic Careers Clinical Faculty  https://www.uwo.ca/facultyrelations/careers/clinical.html
For all UWOFA Limited Duties postings (excluding course authoring appointments) Visit Working at Western, Employment Opportunities.
For clinical part time faculty outside of London Schulich Distributed Education, Windsor Campus and Family Medicine community programs in this section: Clinical part time faculty Information - Human Resources - Western University (uwo.ca)
For part time Adjunct positions in London  Please contact our departments directly Departments - Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry - Western University (uwo.ca)

 Faculty Promotions

Clinical Promotion Guide The Teaching Dossier - Guide for Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Faculty
UWOFA and Scientists Candidates Guide The Teaching Dossier - Guidelines for Organizing your Materials
All other teaching dossier materials can be taken from the Centre for Teaching and Learning website


Faculty (UWOFA)

The Faculty Collective Agreement contains important information regarding retirement for Faculty. Please see Faculty Relations web site for further information.

Clinical Faculty 

Acuity Star – for Clinical full time faculty only

Acuity Star is the platform used by the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry to help full time clinical  faculty members log and track their academic activity and performance.  It is vitally important that full time clinical faculty members become familiar with Acuity Star and it is highly recommended that information is kept up to date on a regular basis.

Please visit  the Acuity Star Portal

For more information on Clinical Promotions please visit Schulich Clinical Faculty Affairs  Promotions - Clinical Faculty Affairs - Western University (uwo.ca)

For more information on UWOFA faculty promotions please visit Office of Faculty Relations Western University (uwo.ca)

Western HR

Benefits Benefits - Human Resources - Western University (uwo.ca)
Retiring or Leaving Western
Retiring or Leaving Western - Human Resources - Western University (uwo.ca)
Pregnancy, parental & Adoption  Leave  Pregnancy, Parental & Adoption Leave - Human Resources - Western University (uwo.ca)
Employee Well-being  Employee Well-being - Human Resources - Western University (uwo.ca)