Top Stories - September 2017

If you didn’t have a chance to read the September 2017 issue of Current Affairs, get caught up on the top read stories of the month.

Seizing the day
Describing her career as serendipitous, Alison Allan, PhD, says being open-minded has helped her to succeed in the field of oncology research and reach new heights, such as being one of the youngest Acting Departmental Chairs.

Science Says: 'How are infectious organisms weakened for vaccines?'
What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger--or at least that's the case with immunity. Eric Arts, PhD, explains the origins of vaccines and answers the question: How are infectious organisms weakened for vaccines?

Discovering the art of surgery
Tavis Apramian, an MD/PhD Candidate, has discovered, through his research, that surgeons more closely resemble artists than previously thought. With variations in surgeons' practise, he has shown that medical education varies in this specialty.

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