Recognizing our achievements

This month, we would like to congratulate the following people on their recent accomplishments:

Sera-Melisa Thomas, MSc Candidate, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Thomas will be presenting (oral and poster) at the Canadian Ophthalmology Society Conference in British Columbia next week, and is a recipient of the Translational Science Award (Best Research Paper). Thomas will be completing her MSc degree this summer.

Sonya Van Nuland, PhD Candidate, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Van Nuland was featured in the American Association of Anatomists' 2014 Year in Review. Click here to read the publication.

Tariq Zaman, PhD, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Zaman, a postdoctoral fellow in the Schmid lab, won an Ontario Mental Health Foundation Fellowship.

Victoria Roach, PhD Candidate, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Roach is this year's recipient of the Francis Chan Humanitarian Award, which goes to a student in the Clinical Anatomy graduate program who shows empathy, concern and commitment to the betterment and success of fellow students.