People of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Twitter series

What is #SchulichAdvantage? Find out during our People of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Twitter Series.

Each week starting on February 27, we will be handing over the reins of @SchulichMedDent, the School’s official Twitter account, to students, faculty and recent alumni.

Check out the latest dental gadgets with Dr. Les Kalman (February 27). Take a look inside the anatomy lab with MSc candidate Gillian Corbo (March 10). Follow Matt Douglas-Vail, Medicine Class of 2018, and attend medical school for a day (March 18). Experience academic leadership through Dr. George Kim's eyes (March 24). And spend a day in public health with Yoshi Perera, MPH’14 (March 31).

These Schulich Medicine & Dentistry community members will give you the chance to experience #SchulichAdvantage through their own eyes, as they take over the @SchulichMedDent Twitter account.

Follow along to experience what life is like on campus and beyond. Click here for more information.