Celebrating our achievements

This month, we would like to congratulate graduate trainees and postdoctoral fellows from several Schulich Medicine & Dentistry departments on their recent awards and publications.

Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

Victoria Roach successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled “Exploring and Training Spatial Reasoning via Eye Movements: Implications on Performance” on December 4, 2015. Congratulations to Victoria and her supervisor Tim Wilson, PhD.

Department of Biochemistry

Congratulations to Karen Dunkerley, MSc Candidate, for successfully defending her MSc.

Congratulations to Louisa Salemi, PhD Candidate, for obtaining a CIHR Travel Award to attend the American Association for Cancer Research 2016 Annual Meeting.

Adrienne Elbert, PhD Candidate, and Matthew Edwards, PhD Candidate, both recently published their findings from their doctoral work. Adrienne’s study, entitled “CTCF Loss Results in Fate Change of Lhx6-positive Interneurons”, and Matthew’s article, entitled “Loss of ATRX Causes Hypomyelination in the Mouse CNS”, were published in the International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience.

Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics           

Congratulations to Christoffer Dharma, MSc Candidate, this year's recipient of the Carol Buck Graduate Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded annually by the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics to the student who, in their first year of full-time study, has demonstrated the best progress in the program based on two criteria: overall academic achievement and development of their thesis project. Chris is working on improving survey measures of sexual orientation in population health surveys. He is co-supervised by Greta Bauer, PhD, and Guangyong Zou, PhD. Chris received his award from Dr. Michael J. Strong, dean, at the Annual Carol Buck Lecture on November 20, 2015. To view the photo gallery from this event, please click here.

Congratulations to Aiden R. Liu, MSc Candidate, on having his paper, entitled “Increased Risk of Adverse Renal Outcome Following Polyethylene Glycol Bowel Preparation Compared to Sodium Picosulfate”, accepted for publication in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

Steven Habbous, PhD Candidate, had a letter to the editor, entitled “Appraisal of a redundant report on lanthanum carbonate”, published in International Urology and Nephrology.

Department of Neuroscience

Congratulations to Greydon Gilmore and Lauren Tindale for successfully defending their MSc theses.

Congratulations to Lindsay Oliver, PhD Candidate, who was awarded the Harold Brett Memorial Fellowship valued at $1,000. Lindsay’s supervisors are Dr. Elizabeth Finger and Derek Mitchell, PhD. 

Ramina Adam and Jason Chan, PhD Candidates, recently had a commentary, entitled “Insight into motor control and motor impairment from stroke and beta oscillations”, published in the Journal of Neurophysiology.

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory of Medicine would like to offer congratulations to Karl Cuddy, who has completed his MSc in Pathology. Mark Darling, PhD, is Karl’s MSc supervisor. The title of Karl's thesis is “Expression of human kallikrein protein and mRNA in maxillofacial cysts and tumours.”