Vacation Guidelines

Off-service residents rotating on General Surgery, including those in St. Thomas are to use the  "time-off management" request through New Innovations. Written, email and verbal requests will not be accepted. Call schedules are prepared and distributed by Christine Bruckschwaiger.

General Information:

  1. Approval: Please note that requests are approved by the service chief resident on a first come basis. Vacation requests include 5 working days and 1 weekend only (you are not entitled to bookend weekends). Once they are approved you will receive an email confirmation. Please allow 2-weeks for approval notification. If you haven't received a response to your request within that time frame then contact the chief resident. A copy of the approval will be sent to your home program. We recommend that requests be submitted 6-weeks prior to the start of the rotation. This will allow the chief resident ample time to produce a call schedule.
  2. Professional Leave:In addition to vacation, you are permitted 7 working days per year for professional leave.
  3. Vacation Requests:You are entitled to 4-weeks (a week is 7 days which includes 5 working days and 2 weekend days) of paid vacation per year. The number of days you take will be tracked in New Innovations.
  4. Stat (lieu day) replacement requests:You have 90 days to use these days and this request option will be available to use after the observed Statutory Holiday.  When submitting a lieu day you must include the stat date that you originally workedIf that information is not included in your request, then the request will be denied. It is our strong preference that, whenever possible, you take your stat replacement day on the rotation where these holidays occurred.
  5. Christmas/New Year Break: You are entitled to 5 days off during this time. There are no additional lieu days for working Christmas day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day.