Resident Academic Half Day

Wednesday School

A series of lectures are held every Wednesday morning and residents are excused from clinical duties to attend. Academic half-day is mandatory and protected time.

Seminar Objectives

The resident will be given an outline that is broken down into the CanMEDS roles and is expected to produce a presentation working with those objectives. It is the residents responsibilty to contact the staff person a minimum of 4-weeks in advance to discuss and review the presentation. The consultant working with the resident on a topic is expected to speak for about 15- 20 minutes on something that the residents need to know (seminal paper) this will cover the scholar role. It should be something that the consultant as an expert can supplement the standard information that a resident may not find in a textbook. Residents are looking for "pearls of wisdom"

The resident must submit the presentation and assigned readings to the program office by 9:00 am the Tuesday prior to presenting to the group. Failure to do will result in the seminar being cancelled. 

Both the resident and staff person are evaluated on the presentation & feedback is provided. Evaluations are now linked to the attendance, so it is important that the attendance is accurate. 

Resident academic half-day is mandatory. If a resident is unable to attend they must notify the program office in advance as to why they will not be attending. Missing more than 2 teaching sessions during any 3 blocks can result in failure of the professional/scholar component of that rotation. 

PGY1 residents are exempt from teaching for the period September - March, as they attend the POS course every Wednesday,when possible they are encouraged to attend Duff School. If they are unable to attend POS, they must notify the program office. 

Previous Seminar Presentations

A library of previous teaching sessions is now available to residents and faculty on the OWL Gateway under General Surgery Education. You will require your western username and password to access this site.

For any questions, please contact Rachel Liston, Residency Program Administrator at