Residency Program Committee

Terms of Reference and Membership

Residency Program Committee

An advisory body to the Residency Program, the Division of General Surgery Faculty engaged in resident training, and the Division Chair/Chief. The Committee advises on academic and administrative matters related to Residency Training in General Surgery. The committee works to assist the Program Director in the planning, organization, and supervision of the program. 


Meetings will be held at a minimum quarterly and/or at the call of the Program Director. Residents may approach the Program Director at any time with concerns regarding the conduct or content of the program or other problems of a professional or personal nature. Should the resident be reluctant to follow this route then the resident representative on the training committee can act as a voice for the resident body as a whole. 

Voting Membership

The committee shall consist of the following representatives: 

  1. Program Director, Committee Chair
  2. Assistant Program Director
  3. Chair/Chief of General Surgery
  4. Chair of Competency Committee
  5. Academic Consultant Staff (4)
  6. Community Consultant Staff (1)
  7. Program Administrator
  8. Elected Resident Representatives
    • 2 senior residents (PGY4 or 5)
    • 1 intermediate resident (PGY3)
    • 1 junior resident (PGY2)
    • 1 alternate


Quorum is 50% plus one of the voting memberships, plus one resident representative


Minutes are kept and copies forwarded to faculty, RTC members and residents in the division. At times decisions may be made by the committee over email, due to scheduling conflicts and the urgency required for the decision. Minutes will be kept electronically in the Program Office for a term of 5-years.