Imaging Research Laboratory


London has a wealth of imaging facilities and expertise citywide. The Gerald C. Baines Centre for Translational Cancer Research provides a means to develop dynamic partnerships with these world-renowned facilities, clinicians and researchers.

The Baines Imaging Research Laboratory houses approximately 2,500 square feet of space withing the larger 12,000 square foot Gerald C. Baines Centre including sophisticated research-dedicated computers and imaging equipment required for complex imagine processing. It is positioned to foster translation of knowledge discoveries and technology advancements between imaging researchers, clinicians and students.

Their vision is to achieve positive changes in the treatment of patients living with cancer through improvements in imaging technology and diagnostics. Through advancements in oncologic image analysis, the imaging laboratories strive to further increase the efficiency and accuracy of treatment and improve survival of our cancer patients. 

The Baines Imaging Research Laboratory is lead by principal researchers Drs. Aaron Ward, Sarah Mattonen and David Palma. For the most information on their research, please follow them on twitter @aaronwardlab, @bainesimaging, @mattonenlab and @drdavidpalma.