Exhibiting and role-modelling professional behaviour is an expectation of all members of the Schulich family. This expectation is laid out in the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Code of Conduct and the Schulich Charter of Professionalism as well as expectations from other oversight bodies such as the CPSO, Royal College and College of Family Physicians of Canada. While the vast majority of professional interactions adhere to these expectations, occasionally we all have lapses in our professional behaviour. Some lapses are single and minor, whereas others are more frequent and rarely egregious. The RESOLVES model was developed in order to manage mild to moderate or frequent lapses in professional behaviour.

The RESOLVES model is essentially a process whereby a facilitator gathers information from all parties in an unbiased way, works collaboratively to develop a solution to the issue and does so with an intentional effort to ensure that all parties involved are supported in an appropriate way. The model is based on a model of physician remediation proposed by Hauer et al in 2009.

Learn more about the RESOLVES Model and the schematic flow diagram.  For further information, contact Dr. Bill McCauley, Assistant Dean, Professional Affairs.