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FOCUS: Focal Ophthalmolgy for Usual Symptoms

Referring to Ophthalmology? Asynchronous Learning

FOCUS: Learning Series

This Focal Ophthalmology Curriculum for Usual Symptoms (FOCUS) is designed for professionals referring to Ophthalmology.  Learn at your own pace in 45-minute modules the usual symptoms that would lead to an Ophthalmology referral. Be the first to gain access to the new Flashers & Floaters and Painful Red Eye asynchronous learning modules offered through Continuing Professional Development. These are free learning opportunities with engaging and interactive material.

Following the completion of the Painful Red Eye module the learners will be able to:

  • Identify symptoms and risk factors that can support the diagnosis of a “Painful Red Eye”
  • Diagnose “Painful Red Eye” using appropriate methods
  • Select appropriate management (referral, treatment, etc.) for patients with “Painful Red Eye”


Following completion of the Flashers & Floaters module learners will be able to:

  • Identify symptoms and risk factors that can inform the diagnosis of “Flashes and Floaters”
  • Differentiate between different etiologies of "Flashes and Floaters" to inform appropriate patient management (referrals and urgency)

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