Peter Canham Wins Award

Peter Canham and Peggy Sattler

Peter Canham with Peggy Sattler, MPP, London West

For over 40 years, Peter has been volunteering with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, canvassing and organizing other canvassers in his neighbourhood.  It all began in the 1970's when the Heart and Stroke Foundation, whom was supporting his Biophysics brain artery research at the time, asked for his help as a volunteer. 

"From time to time I've nudged local faculty for support (conditional on their not having been canvassed in their own neighbourhood).  My 'team' in Sherwood Forest and Orchard Park are usually short handed so I end up with several streets to knocking on doors.  Over recent years my February canvas has reached $3000 plus, so it amounts to lots of door knocking, keeping a retired prof busy."  - Peter Canham 

"On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I'm please to extend my thanks to you for your contributions to our community through your volunteer service with the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  Your generosity and passion for helping others is making a significant difference in the live of so many individuals." - Deb Matthews, MPP, London North Centre.