2015 Alan C. Groom Seminar Award Winners

September 17, 2015 marked the beginning of the Medical Biophysics weekly seminar series, and it was here that the Alan C. Groom Seminar Awards were presented. The Alan C. Groom Seminar Award is awarded annually to the graduate student who has presented the most effective seminar during the year. Medical Biophysics graduate students are required, each year, to present a brief seminar on their research topics, to an audience consisting of their peers and faculty members in the Department.  The seminars are evaluated by other students and faculty member 'judges' and the confidential evaluations are processed within the departmental graduate office.

This year, there were two award winners: Patrica Johnson (PhD candidate) and Tom Hrinivich (PhD candidate) presented by the family of the late Alan C. Groom. Both Patricia and Tom were seminar presenters, to kick off the weekly seminar series; Patircia presented her research on "Three Dimensional Motion Correction in MRI using Spherical Navigators" and Tom presented his research on "Ultrasound-guided Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy: 2D vs 3D".

Congratulations to both award winners!