COVID-19 Information for Residency Programs - Week of May 29

1. CaRMS Working Groups re: Virtual Interviews

  • Three working groups have been formed with both UGE and PGE representation. The intent is to provide guidance and principles for Programs and Program Directors to use during application review and interviews. Initial recommendations will be provided to ARMC within 3 months. The groups are:
    • Application Review Subcommittee
    • Virtual Interview Subcommittee
    • Technical Subcommittee

2. PARO Update

  • PARO Ontario survey results:
    • over 40% of residents have been redeployed to provide direct patient care
    • redeployment has meant time away from scheduled rotations
    • over 45% indicated increase in working hours
    • over 70% report having vacation cancelled or do not feel like they can ask for vacation time during pandemic
  • Vacation:
    • every effort should be made to provide our residents with vacation time they request
    • discussions between PARO and CAHO re: how to manage canceled vacation including how best to reschedule, how to carry over into next academic year and how it might be paid out for graduating residents
  • Pandemic Pay
    • MOHLTC is reviewing eligibility for pandemic pay
    • PGME Associate Deans, and Deans across Ontario have advocated for pandemic pay for our residents with MOHLTC

3. Competence by Design (CBD)

  • a number of specialties that had a CBD launch planned for this July, will have CBD deferred for one year (July 2021)
  • the disciplines that will defer for one year are:
    • adult cardiology
    • clinical immunology and allergy
    • neonatal perinatal medicine
    • respirology
    • vascular surgery
  • the disciplines that will launch CBD on July 1, 2020 as planned are:
    • general surgery
    • neurology
    • nuclear medicine
    • orthopedic surgery
    • physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    • plastic surgery
    • psychiatry

4. Medicine Subspecialty Electives

  • medicine subspecialty electives have been canceled at sites across Canada