Recovery Update #9 - December 10 - Building access during winter holidays

With the winter holidays fast approaching and fewer people on campus, there will be some changes to access to Schulich Medicine & Dentistry buildings.

Effective 4:00 p.m. on Friday, December 18, the following buildings will move to card access only:
Clinical Skills Building;
Dental Sciences Building;
Health Sciences Addition;
Kresge Building;
Medical Sciences Building;
Molecular Biology Laboratory.

This means that if you are coming to these buildings on December 21 and/or 22, you will need to use your Western ONECard, much like you would on a weekend or after hours.

The exception to this will be the Dental Sciences Building (DSB) clinic entrance, which will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. through to the end of the day on December 22 to facilitate urgent care activities.

The DSB loading dock and dental stores will be open and staffed through to the end of the business day on December 22 as well.

Please note that Robarts Research Institute, Siebens Drake Research Institute and the Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine have been on card access only since our return to campus and will continue to operate in that manner.

As noted in the Recovery Update #9 - December 10 - Building Access message, we will be moving the buildings a couple of days early to regular after-hours card access in anticipation of there being very few people in the buildings on December 21 and 22. Unlocked and under-occupied buildings are a security risk, so we just want to be sure that the people who are in the buildings have the approval to be there. We are not locking down or closing the buildings. It is business as usual except that you will need a valid card to enter the buildings.