Promoting treatment, medication and access to care for refugees

Family history led Alexandra Farag, Meds 2015, to the Newcomer Health Project, a program that provides health care to government-assisted refugees.

Her grandparents were newcomers to Canada and she knows how difficult the adjustment can be. Through the Cross Cultural Learning Centre and the London Intercommunity Health Centre, Farag and medical students from Schulich Medicine & Dentistry act as a first point of contact for refugees in London.

“I’ve met incredibly resilient people from all over the world and have the privilege of sharing their stories,” said Farag. The student initiative promotes treatment, medication and access to care for refugees with limited coverage. “I feel like it is my duty as a future health care provider to advocate for the health of our most vulnerable community members, the Newcomer Health Project has given me a platform to do this,” said Farag.