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Simulation Anesthesia

Program Director, Dr. Richard Cherry


The Fellowship in Medical Simulation through the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine at Western is designed to equip the clinician with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to provide simulation based education curricula at the academic level and to appreciate the focus and direction that simulation based health education is taking in the broader context of health education. As simulation emerges as an integral component of competency based undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development initiatives, leaders who are familiar with the educational rationale as well as the practical components of this educational modality will be vital in shaping the ongoing development of this field.

Fellowship Structure

Simulation Responsibilities 

Anesthesia Resident Simulation Session (supervisor Dr. R. Cherry)

CanNASC Testing (supervisor Dr. A. Antoniou)

Junior ICU Resident Sessions (supervisors Dr. R. Butler, Dr. L. Champion)

Senior ICU Fellow Sessions (supervisor Dr. L. Champion)

Medical Student Year 3 Anesthesia Bootcamp: (supervisor Dr. A. Antoniou)

Additional simulation activities and training sessions frequently arise during the course of the academic year. Fellow participation is highly encouraged.

Fellowship Eligibility

Goals and Objectives


Personal Development in the Field of Simulation

Knowledge Acquisition

The Fellow will develop knowledge in the following areas:

Development of Simulation Based Educational Curricula

Delivery of Simulation Based Educational Curricula

The fellow will develop expertise with respect to:



Core Faculty

Dr. Richard Cherry - Anesthesia, Victoria Hospital | Director of Anesthesia Simulation | Simulation Fellowship Director | 

Dr. Lois Champion - Critical Care, University Hospital

Dr. Ron Butler - Critical Care, University Hospital

Dr. Jeff Granton - Anesthesia & Critical Care, University Hospital

Dr. Brian Church – Anesthesia, Victoria Hospital

Dr. Andreas Antoniou – Anesthesia, Victoria Hospital

Dr. Ida Bruni – Anesthesia, Victoria Hospital

Dr. Stephen Morrison – Anesthesia, Victoria Hospital

Dr. Gopa Nair – Pediatric Anesthesia, Victoria Hospital

Dr. David Sommerfreund – Pediatric Anesthesia, Victoria Hospital

Collaborative Faculty

Dr. Rob Leeper – General Surgery

Dr. Bob Kiaii - Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Lorelei Lingard – Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI)

Dr. Sayra Cristancho - CERI

Dr. Gerard Seijts - Richard Ivey School of Business

Dr. Fernado Olivera - Richard Ivey School of Business


CSTAR (Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics)

Currently, the primary facility for anesthesia simulation is CSTAR in the Lindros Legacy Research Pavillion. The Kelman Center for Advanced Education opened in early 2010 and is the primary site for all simulation activities.

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