Teaching and Rounds

Academic/Teaching Program Structure

Our academic half-day is unique and fulfills many of the educational objectives that are necessary for the completion of rheumatology training.

Divisional Academic Half-Day

The Division of Rheumatology has an academic half-day which takes place the Friday of each month. The structure of this half day varies. The 2nd and 4th Friday of every month, the half day consists of Grand Rounds, journal club, case presentations and discussion, Consultant Teaching, radiology teaching. The remaining Fridays consist of the seminar series, and consultant teaching. Rheumatology residents also participate in givng lectures to undergraduate trainees, and physical exam teaching. Teaching sessions correspond to the Royal College objectives for rheumatology.

Grand Rounds

Every 2nd and 4th Friday, the academic half-day begins at 0800 am with Grand Rounds. These rounds, which attract both nationally and internationally respected speakers, are attended by all members of the Division and all trainees. Trainees in rheumatology are expected to present at these rounds at least once a year.

May 29, 2020 - Dr. Andy Thompson - via ZOOM

Journal Club

Grand rounds are followed by our journal club where all trainees are expected to present an article from a current issue of a peer-reviewed journal in rheumatology. Some of the members of the division are well trained in clinical epidemiology which usually keeps these rounds both educational and entertaining. Alternatively, trainees will present a challenging rheumatology case with a literature review that will be discussed by fellow trainees and rheumatology staff.

Seminar Series

The journal club is followed by a series of seminars, MSK teaching, and case presentations. Local teachers are invited to present on topics relevant to rheumatology objectives. These teachers may also be from other subspecialties of medicine that are relevant to rheumatology ie nephrology, respirology, pathology, etc.

Radiology Rounds

Radiology rounds are provided monthly by Dr. Said Osman an expert in musculoskeletal radiology. The trainees send Dr. Osman cases and the films are reviewed in radiology rounds. These rounds are well attended and highly rated. Residents are given basic radiology teaching as part of their academic half day as well.