Rheumatology Clinics

General Adult Rheumatology Clinics
Trainees develop their clinical skills under the direct supervision of individual members of the Division of Rheumatology. Because each consultant’s practice reflects a unique range of interest and subtly different referral patterns, the trainee is exposed to the full spectrum of rheumatologic conditions. With over 11,000 patient visits each year there are abundant clinical learning opportunities.

Specialty Clinics
There are several specialty clinics which expose trainees to experts in their fields and provide an opportunity for innovative research. Specialty clincs encompass a wide range of conditions, including: scleroderma, lupus, spondyloarthritis, osteoarthritis, early rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitis and myositis.

Longitudinal Clinic
Each trainee will have the responsibility of running their own half-day longitudinal clinic where they see their own patients for the entire duration of their fellowship. This opportunity significantly enhances the understanding of chronic medical management as the trainee takes responsibility for treatment decisions. The clinics ensure both patient and resident comfort through appropriate graded supervision. 

Pediatric Rheumatology
As per the Royal College of Physicians of Canada Certification, all trainees in adult rheumatology must complete one month of training in pediatric rheumatology. We have a formal agreement with The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) where our trainees often spend one to two months in pediatric rheumatology.  Our trainees, however, are free to explore other venues to complete their pediatric rheumatology elective as long as they fulfill clinical requirements. 

Up to three months of elective time is offered including rotations in community rheumatology, the immunology laboratory, Sport’s medicine, and osteoporosis clinics, and dermatology, among other options.