gillian_kernaghan_223x150.jpgLeading with authenticity

Dr. Gillian Kernaghan, MD’82, has carved a unique path throughout her career. Retiring as President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Joseph’s Health Care London, she reflects on her personal and professional journey.

XinWenZhang_223x150.jpgA voice for science literacy

Xin Wen Zhang, BMSc’18, is pursuing her PhD at the University of Cambridge, thanks to a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation scholarship in recognition of her commitment and work in promoting accessible science education opportunities.

alumni_voices_223x150-copy.jpgLeading voices

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry alumni have been leading voices at local and regional hospitals, on social media, in the news and supporting Canada’s hardest hit regions. Their expertise has been invaluable.