Research & Innovation

From the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers remained on high alert, constantly inquiring, investigating and exploring how the virus was impacting human health and welfare and how it could be tested and stopped in its tracks.

Photograph of Dr. Lee Thibeault Game Changer

The new Gray Centre for Mobility and Activity is being called a game changer. With a playbook five years in the making, the Centre represents an intersection of research, education and clinical care. And, the people of Southwestern Ontario and beyond living with mobility and common associated disorders affecting mood and cognition will benefit.

Illustration of a line in the sandA Line in the Sand

The race to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 is raising new questions in research ethics. Dr. Charles Weijer is stepping up to answer them.

Photograph of Armen ParsyanBringing Two Worlds Together

The road to becoming a clinician-scientist was long and winding, but Dr. Armen Parsyan never gave up. Now in his first year at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, he is making major strides in translating breast cancer research into practice.