The Ophthalmology Undergraduate Medical Education is a well received program with the Undergraduate Medical Education Department. Over the years, many changes have occurred with the restructuring of the Eye Clinics from all three sites to one site. The ability to provide basic ophthalmic teaching during the one week selective provided through the Department of Surgery is challenging and rewarding.

Third Year Clinical Clerks enjoy the interaction with the consultant staff and resident staff. The teaching provided by the residents is greatly appreciated and the clinical clerks often comment on being part of the “team” when seeing patients. Comments have been received that this is one of the best rotations for only one week. 

The Fourth Year Elective Students that rotate through the department through the year rate the consultants and residents highly. Comments have been received that this is one of the best organized rotations and the ability to be able to attend the informal and formal teaching sessions is appreciated.

Clinical Clerkship - Third Year Western University Medical Students

Currently, there are two rotations developed for the clinical clerks. This provides minimal overlap in the consultant offices when two clerks are assigned for the same week. When there is only one clerk assigned for multiple weeks, the rotations are switched back and forth weekly. In one year, approximately 52 clinical clerks may rotate through the department. All department members are involved with the Clerkship training. 

Each block (consisting of three months), the Department participates in mandatory surgical clerkship seminars for third year students.

Elective Students – Fourth Year Western University and Non-Western Medical Students

In one year, the department can have 20-30 fourth year medical students rotate through the department. All consultants are involved in providing exposure to Ophthalmology in their office or in the operating room. The elective schedules vary with each student depending on which consultants are available and the resident rotation. The scheduling of the elective schedules can be difficult at times, but all students are provided with an good idea of what our ophthalmology residency training program is like and the different areas in Ophthalmology.

NeuroScience – Eye / ENT Lectures – Second Year Medical Students

Each Fall, the Department of Ophthalmology participates in basic introductory lectures to the second year medical students at Western University. Eight lectures are spread out over two days. The lectures are 50-60 minutes each and provide the medical students with a basic introductory to Ophthalmology based on the American Academy of Ophthalmology Textbook – “Basic Ophthalmology” , 8th Edition. The lectures and lecture notes are reviewed yearly. Comments received from the medical students are reviewed and changes incorporated if possible.

Focal Problems and Practical Demonstration

All consultants are expected to participate. These sessions are very well received by the second year medical students and all consultants are rated very highly. The students enjoy the hands-on aspect of the afternoon. Held annually in March.