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The Department of Ophthalmology of the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University is encompassed by the Ivey Eye Institute. The mission of the Institute is to provide eye care for the community, to teach undergraduate and postgraduate students in medicine, and to promote research in diagnosing and treating eye diseases.

The Institute sees approximately 70,000 patients per year and is laid out in pods of subspecialties: retina, paediatric, general/ocular plastics, cornea/anterior segment, optometry low vision, glaucoma and ophthalmic diagnostics. Our diagnostic and ophthalmic facilities, which are unique in the area, see approximately 14,500 patients per year and provide testing reports to referring physicians throughout the region.

A respected source of excellent diagnostic, medical and surgical eye care, ophthalmic teaching and research the Ivey Eye Institute is guided by the people they serve through close working alliances in the community and across the continuum of eye care.



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