Dr. Jennie Kidd Trout

Dr. Jennie Kidd Trout Dr. Jennie Kidd Trout (1841-1921). Dr. Jennie Kidd Trout was the first woman to legally practice medicine in Canada. She graduated in 1875 from the Women’s Medical College in Pennsylvania. Until 1880, she was the only women licensed to practise medicine in Canada. Drs. Kidd Troutt and Emily Stowe were the first women to be admitted to the Toronto School of Medicine. Due to the demeaning treatment they received from fellow students and the professors, Dr. Stowe refused to sit her exams and Dr. Kidd Trout transferred to the Pennsylvania Medical School. Dr. Trout was involved with the establishment of a medical school for women at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Prior to her medical training, Dr. Kidd Trout was a school teacher in Stratford,Ontartio. If you visit Stratford today, one of the medical clinics located in the city is named after her.