Medicine Class of 1966

The Medicine Class of 1966 includes 54 members.

Meet the graduating class and learn about their accomplishments by viewing our Medicine Class of 1966 Alumni page.

In 1966, the Class was known as the University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Medicine Class of 1966.

The Faculty of Medicine class of 1966 as photographed above: 

Top row left to right: Dr. A. D. McLaughlin, Dr. J. A. F Stevenson, Dr. H. S. Cameron, Dr. R. C. F. Murray, Dr. F. S. Brien, Dr. G. H. Warwick, Dr. D. Bocking (Dean), Dr. G. E. Hall (President), Dr. M. L. Barr,
Dr. G. E. Hobbs, Dr. A. C. Wallace, Dr. T. A. Watson, Dr. R. A. Kinch 
Second row of professors left to right: Dr. G. G. Copestake, Dr. R. E. Greenway, Dr. J. C. Rathburn,
Dr. A.C. Burton, Dr. R. J. Rossiter, Dr. C. W. Gowdy, Dr. A. H. Neufeld, Mrs. H. McCready, Dr. J. H. Fisher, Dr. C. Dyson, Dr. M. G. P Cameron, Dr. W. E. Spoerel, Dr. H. A. Skinner, Dr. J. C. Coles, Dr. H. B. Stewart

The University of Western Ontario Medical School Class of 1966:

First row left to right: K. Armitage, N. Assad, L. Bate, A. Borre, D. Brennan, A. Carmichael
Second row: P. Carter, D. Chambers, L. David, C. DeJonge, M. Dreimanis, M. Edmonds, M. Edwards, A. Edwards, V. Edwards 
Third row: D. Epstein, E. Franczak, D. GIrvan, J. Glaister, P. Green, G. Greiser, B. Hobbs, R. Holliday,
J. Homer, W. Howell, E. Jenkins, C. Johns, K. Jones, D. Keene 
Fourth row: L. Keevil, J. Lamont, L. Loopstra, R. Love, R. Ludwig, B. McCraw, R. McElroy, J. Meakins,
A. Moore, E. Musclow, M. Myers, E. Newell, P. Newell, Y. Patel 
Fifth row: J. Rempel, L. Richards, D. Rowed, S. Schen, J. Sharpe, A. Steinbach, R. Thatcher, M. Weisler,
D. Wigle, B. Will, P.Wilson, C. Wong