Captain Charles Krakauer

Dr. Charles Krakauer Captain Charles Krakauer (1914 - 1943). Captain Krakauer volunteered to serve in World War II and was providing care for the wounded at a forward medical station at the battle for Ortona, Italy when a German 88 shell struck the position killing many, including Captain Krakauer. In Farley Mowat’s books And No Bird Sang and The Regiment, Captain Krakauer is mentioned as the compassionate physician providing care to the wounded. He is buried along with 1,375 other Canadians in the Moro River Canadian War Cemetery, just south of Ortona, Italy. Captain Krakauer exemplified the compassionate physician and on his tombstone, under the Star of David, is the Latin inscription 'Pro Utilitate Hominum' a phrase that captures the essence of medical professionalism.