Dr. Davy Cheng, MD, MSc, FRCPC, FCAHS, CCPE



Distinguished University Professor 
Department of Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine, Western University

Medical Director
Centre for Medical Evidence, Decision Integrity, Clinical Impact (MEDICI), Western University

Evidence-Based Perioperative Clinical Outcomes Research Group (EPiCOR), Western University



Dr. Cheng is Distinguished University Professor, Department of Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine, and an intensivist in Critical Care Medicine in the Department of Medicine, at Western University. He served as the Chair/Chief of the Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine at LHSC Centre, St. Joseph Health Care and Western University for 16 years (2001-2017). He established the Evidence-Based Perioperative Clinical Outcomes Research (EPiCOR) group and Co-Founded the MEDICI Centre at Western University and LHSC to support evidence synthesis and clinical research pertaining to perioperative care including surgery, anesthesia and critical care locally, nationally and internationally. Dr. Davy Cheng served as Vice Dean, Faculty Affairs of all clinical departments (2017-2018) and Acting Dean (2018-2020) of the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University. His pioneer work in fast track cardiac anesthesia and recovery has become the standard of cardiac anesthesia and recovery practice in cardiac surgery and anesthesia care around the world. 


Inaugural Distinguished Service Awards, Society for Perioperative Research and Care (SPRC)
Recognizes significant stature and outstanding contributions to Perioperative Medicine on local, national and/or international levels (2019).

CAS Gold Medal, Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society
Recognizes outstanding contributions in leadership and professional and clinical excellence in anesthesia (2015).

Inducted Honorary Member, The German Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
Title conferred on eminent physicians and scientists who have made a major contribution to the field of anesthesiology (2014).

Areas of Expertise

  • Cardiac surgery, anesthesia and critical care medicine
  • Evidence-based decision-making
  • Health policy and healthcare administration
  • Perioperative blood management
  • Minimally invasive/robotic cardiac surgery

Global Leadership

Dr. Cheng is the Co-Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Global Surgery, Anesthesia & Perioperative care, commissioned by the WHO Guideline Development Committee to develop guidance on providing surgery and anesthesia services in the context of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa (2014-2020). He is Chair, Scientific Affairs Committee (2016-2020) and North American Representative to the Scientific Affairs Committee (2011) for the World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists (WFSA, a Federation of 153 world nations of societies of anesthesiologists and NGO representative at World Health Assembly, WHO). Dr. Cheng was elected to the WHO Global Initiative for Emergency & Essential Surgical Care Anaesthesia Committee (GIEESC) in 2013. He Co-Led with Dr. Janet Martin in developing and published practice guidelines on the Expert Consensus Panel for the International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (ISMICS), and the European Association of Cardiothoracic Society (EACTS). Dr. Cheng served on the Board of Directors in the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiology (SCA 2013-2015), and the Board of Directors of the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society (CAS 2011-2014). Dr. Cheng was elected Chair of Board of Trustees, International Anesthesia Research Society (IARS), as well as the President of the Association of Cardiac Anesthesiologists (ACA) in 2016.

Dr. Cheng's CV