Decision Integrity: Apps and Tools for Informed Decision-Making

App: Impact of COVID-19 on the USA Population

MEDICI has published an interactive online app, created by Dr. Eunice Chan. The app displays the number of excess deaths, number of years in life expectancy decreased and the number of years reverted in historical life expectancy gains, and the years of life lost attributed to the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19, for the total, male, and female population in the United States at the country and state level for 2020. Users can adjust the app to display data by chart or map view, metric (excess mortality, life expectancy, years of life lost), state, age cohort, gender, and by impact (direct or indirect). A full description of the methodology used to the develop the app was published in PLOS One: 

Chan E.Y.S., Cheng D, Martin J. Impact of COVID-19 on excess mortality, life expectancy, and years of life lost in the United States. PLOS One 2021. 

Decision Support Framework: Know4Go

We produce decision-ready evidence using the Know4Go Framework. Know4Go bridges the difficult navigation between evidence, economics and ethics by first establishing a foundation of evidence for decisions, and subsequently contextualizing the evidence based on other important domains of influence on decision‐making (ie, the SLEEPERS: social, legal, ethical, environmental, political, entrepreneurial‐research, stickiness/reversibility factors).