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Our research has benefitted tremendously from numerous collaborators, some of whom are listed below with links to their homepages.

David Litchfield, Western University

Fred Dick, Western University

Sachdev Sidhu, University of Toronto

Or Gozani, Stanford University

Mark Bedford, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Stéphane Richard, McGill University

Jiang Xia, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Kaizhong Zhang, Western University

Juewen Liu, University of Waterloo

Mingjie Zhang, Hong University of Science and Technology

Alex Bullock, Oxford University

Hanfa Zou & Mingliang Ye, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

Jinrong Min, University of Toronto

Philip Kim, University of Toronto

Benjamin Chen, University of Texas

Dehua Pei, Ohio State University

Martin Schiller, University of Nevada

Brett Collins, University of Queensland