Global & Intercultural Engagement Honour

Contemporary globalized society favours university graduates with global and intercultural competencies. The Global & Intercultural Engagement Honour recognizes your experience and engagement in both academic and extracurricular activities at home and abroad during your time at Western.

Why Pursue the Global Honour?

  • Enhance your degree with recognition for your global and intercultural experience
  • Develop the intercultural skills and global awareness sought by employers
  • Expand your worldview and perspective on other cultures
  • What better way to gain the global experience employers are looking for, all while pursuing your own passion for international learning?

How do you earn the Global Honour?

The Honour is awarded to students who accumulate 100 points from up to four categories over their time at Western (minimum 20 points is required in both categories 1 and 2)
  • Category 1: Academic Coursework
  • Category 2: Global Experience at Home or Abroad
  • Category 3: Intercultural or Global Engagement Training (optional)
  • Category 4: Language Proficiency and Learning (optional)
Once complete, the Honour will appear on your official academic transcript, complementing your Western degree

Process to Achieve the Global Honour

  • Step 1: Enrol by completing an application in Atlas, Western’s International Experience portal. (See website for link)
  • Step 2: Complete the “Foundations for Intercultural Competence & Global Engagement” online training module.
  • Step 3: Complete a self-assessment for intercultural competencies.
  • Step 4: Engage in activities related to the four core categories above, and keep track throughout your studies.
  • Step 5: Complete a final critical reflection, including a self-assessment
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Tips for BMSc Students

  • Category 1:
    • Consider taking courses, such as Psych 1000, Classics 1000, and Sociology 1000, to meet the minimum 20 points required for Category 1 as well as your list A or B breadth requirements
  • Category 2:
    • Expand your extracurriculars while earning points towards your Honour by volunteering with programs such as International Learning Ambassador (Western International), International Peer Guide (Western International), English Conversation Leader (Western International), executive member of a global or cultural-focused student club or group at Western, or through community-engaged learning (CEL) courses
    • Look for opportunities abroad as well through international research, exchanges, or by participating in the Impact Experience (formerly Alternative Spring Break)
    • *Note: Experiences within this category are not retroactive, as such they cannot be started prior to submitting an application for the Global and Intercultural Engagement Honour.
  • Category 3:
    • Expand your world-view while earning up to half of your required points through the following opportunities:
      • Anti-Oppressive Practice Workshop (10 points)
      • Gender Norms and Sexual Violence Face-to-Face Workshop (10 points)
      • Critical and Ethical Global Engagement Face-to-Face Workshop (10 points)
      • Western Post-Experience Workshop (10 points)
      • Attend five International Week events (must submit a reflection) (10 points)
  • Category 4:
    • Branch out through language courses at Western or take advantage of previously acquired languages by submitting supporting documentation