About Us

Holding a globe in hands

International collaborations and partnerships are critical to maintaining sustainability of medical research, education and leadership. They are key ingredients to the growth and development of any organization, and its people.

Faculty members at the School have developed global connections and clinical partnerships in more than 18 countries. Outreach activities, academic/research collaborations and clinical partnerships are being executed around the world with specific emphasis in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Developing new international partnerships is a key strategic initiative for the School. These partnerships could take the form of consultative services, as well as a wide range of comprehensive medical and dental academic, educational and training services. More specifically, they can facilitate the establishment of programs, policy development and teacher training programs, support for accreditation in the areas of admissions, learner wellness, clinical and surgical simulation, medical undergraduate education, continuing professional development, distance learning and postgraduate medical education.