Student Electives

The Division of General Surgery at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University welcomes students from other universities with an interest in General Surgery and encourages you to come to Western for an elective.

Visiting students are offered the opportunity to do an elective at one of two institutions in the city. While here you are also welcome to participate in structured residency program learning activities such as core content, grand rounds and journal club. You will become a member of the team and a such will be responsible for rounding with the residents, writing orders, attending outpatient clinics and taking call. 

If you have any questions regarding electives in the General Surgery program, contact Christine Ward.

Please note:  all placements are to be made through the Visiting Electives Office. Students are not permitted to make prior arrangements with any department or physician at any of the hospitals or clinics.

Application Process:

  • A completed on-line application form, plus the elective fee must be received four (4) months before the start date of the elective.
  • Immunization form to be completed once an elective has been approved and confirmed by the VSE office.
  • Students from Canadian Universities are required to pay a fee of $100.00 per elective, payable online.
  • Receipt of application and fee does not guarantee confirmation of placement.
  • For more information, see FAQs or email

For further information in pursuing electives please visit the Visiting Electives website. 

Canadian Residence Matching Services (CaRMS)

Applications from new graduates of Canadian medical schools are accepted only through the CaRMS application process. For persons interested from outside the country with their own sources of funding, applications can be made through the Office of Postgraduate Education at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University.

For more information please visit the Canadian Resident Matching Service website.