Staffing Updates

We are pleased to share that Akili Aitcheson joined the Director’s Office team in February 2022, reporting directly to Lisa Johnson, Director, Dentistry Operations. Aitcheson provides administrative support to Johnson, and she also works closely with the Manager of Clinic Operations and our Administrative Officer Howard James to help ensure the facilitation of smooth operations within Schulich Dentistry.   

Aitcheson came to us from the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and has a diploma in Office Administration, as well as a certificate in Human Services Foundation. She is currently working towards a degree in Human Resources.  

We also have some departures to share.

Paul Buttery, Manager of Clinic Operations has taken a new role with the City of Sarnia. Interviews for a new manager are currently underway. 

Brenda Davis, Manager of Dental Education has announced her retirement and will be wrapping up more than a decade of dedicated service to Dentistry in the middle of June. Davis wore various hats over her time working in Dentistry and will be missed by faculty, staff, and students alike. Interviews for the role are expected to begin soon.