Recognizing excellence

Garcia_140x140.pngDr. Bertha Garcia

Honorary Alumni of Distinction Award – Dentistry and Schulich Faculty Mentorship Award

Dr. Bertha Garcia has served as the Acting Vice Dean and Director of Schulich Dentistry since 2019. During her tenure, Dentistry successfully recruited many new faculty members and achieved accreditation status from the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada.

Dr. Garcia’s leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic was crucial, supporting academic, clinical and administrative teams in delivering safe patient care and dental education. With her guidance, Dentistry was the first program at Western University to re-open after provincial closures, serving as a model for other faculties at the University, as well as Canadian dental schools.

In 2021, the American College of Dentists awarded Dr. Garcia an Honorary Fellowship for her exceptional contributions as a leader in dental education. A revered educator and strategic leader, Dr. Garcia is a recipient of the prestigious 3M Teaching Fellowship, the Edward G. Pleva Award and the YMCA Women of Excellence Award. 

J.Mahn_140x140.pngDr. Jonathan Mahn, DDS’07
Young Alumni Award – Dentistry

Dr. Jonathan Mahn graduated with his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2007. He went on to complete a General Practice Residency at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and the University of Toronto, as well as additional training in the administration of intravenous sedation. He is a Principal Dentist and Chief Clinical Officer of Paris Dental Centre and an Adjunct Clinical Professor in the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

Dr. Mahn is actively involved in organized dentistry and currently serves as Chair of the Ontario Dental Association’s Membership Services and Programs Advisory Committee. He is a leader in the dental community and considered the ‘go to’ person for information, support, advocacy and collegiality. Described as a face of positive change in the dental profession, he is dedicated to continuous quality improvement and innovation.

Dr. Mahn is also a champion for dental education and mentorship. He dedicates his time to supporting colleagues, students and new graduates in their professional journeys with respect, compassion and a desire to learn.

MacLoghlin_140x140.pngDr. Marilyn MacLoghlin, DDS’70
Alumni of Distinction Award – Dentistry

A member of the Dentistry Class of 1970 – the first graduating class of Western University’s dental school – Dr. Marilyn MacLoghlin helped launch a legacy of exceptional dental education, research and care. The first woman to graduate from the program, Dr. MacLoghlin received the gold medal for academic achievement and accomplished the highest marks in the National Dental Examinations.

While pursuing postgraduate training, Dr. MacLoghlin developed an interest in temporomandibular joint dysfunction and associated myalgia. She also studied the management of obstructive sleep apnea. Partnering with a respirologist, she provided adjustable oral appliances for patients with the disorder for many years.

Throughout her career, Dr. MacLoghlin also remained dedicated to her community, volunteering with a number of organizations, including the Girl Guides of Canada and the Peterborough County Board of Education.

Thang_140x140.pngDr. Trevor Thang
Continuing Dental Education Educator Award

Dr. Trevor Thang has a reputation as an excellent educator. He demonstrates his commitment to learning through his dedication to Continuing Dental Education and through the changes he has made to the undergraduate curriculum. As the main instructor of Dentistry’s sold-out Cone-beam Computed Tomography course, he is continuously supporting the education of dentists in the area. Described by his nominators as innovative and dedicated, Dr. Thang continues to look for ways to improve his teaching methods and was able to quickly create a fully didactic online course during the pandemic.