Adjunct faculty profile

Dr. Paul Pamboukian has been teaching and mentoring students at Schulich Dentistry since 2012. He took a few moments from his busy schedule to share some insight.

What is the most rewarding part of teaching future dentists? 

Helping others is the reason I got into dentistry, and teaching future dentists adds another dimension to this.  
As with all skills, there are ‘tricks of the trade’ which often aren’t written in any book. When I share these with students and see the lightbulb ‘eureka moment’ when they understand, that’s the best part of my job.  

Can you share any details about your family members; are there other dental professionals? 


I am the only dentist in the family, but both of my siblings and my father have worked as university professors. So, I guess you could say that a career in academia runs in the family.  

How do you achieve work-life balance?    

Dentistry is a high-stress career, both mentally and physically, because it is very precise. We measure things in halves of millimetres. It can be easy to take that stress home.  
I try to achieve balance by enjoying hobbies like gaming, yoga, reading and going for walks with my wife. I think family is very important.

Last summer, we took up golf for the first time and it’s been a lot of fun.