Students share research at international conference

The International Association for Dental Research held its 99th General Session on July 21-24, virtually bringing together dental researchers from around the globe.

From the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, five Dentistry learners presented their research projects, including Vladyslav Podskalniy, who was selected as the Canadian representative for the IADR Hatton Competition.

Three additional PhD candidates from across Western University presented research that was supervised by Dentistry faculty members. Dr. Noha Gomaa also supervised a project for a DDS candidate from the University of Toronto, who had conducted her research through Schulich Medicine & Dentistry.

Congratulations to all the investigators on their successful presentations.

Student’s name

Presentation title



Naima Abouseta, PhD Candidate, Medical Biophysics

Comparing Inequality in Dental Care Utilization in Adolescents and Adults

Dr. Jeffrey Dixon, Dr. Sharat Pani

Dr. Noha A. Gomaa

Bilal Maqbool, Dentistry Class of 2022

Surface Treatments and Bond Strength of Resin Cements to Glass-Ceramic

Dr. Jacinta Santos

Dr. Nilgun Ari, Dr. Gildo Santos, Dr. Heleine Rego

Anshula Samarajeewa, Dentistry Class of 2022

S100A7 Overexpression in Chronic Hyperplastic Candidiasis Suggests High Transformation Risk

Dr. Mark Darling


Vladyslav Podskalniy, Dentistry Class of 2023

Neighbourhood level sociodemographic sociodemographic variables on dental treatment outcomes in children

Dr. Sharat Pani

Dr. Liliani Vieira, Dr. Hiran Perinpanayagam, Dr. Jinhyung Lee

Shivani Shah, Dentistry Class of 2022

Survey of screw-retained versus cement-retained implant restorations used in both education and private dental practices in Canada

Dr. Sheila Butler

Dr. Maria Jacinta Santos

Khaled Hijazi, PhD Candidate,  Biomedical Engineering

Porous Titanium Alloy Constructs for Mandibular Reconstruction

Dr. Amin Rizkalla

Khaled M. A. Hijazi, Dr. Yara K. Hosein, Dr. Haojie Mao, Dr. S Jeffrey Dixon, Dr. David W. Holdsworth, Dr. Jerrold E. Armstrong, Dr. Amin S. Rizkalla

Samantha Gross, PhD Candidate, Health Sciences

Psychosocial Stress Mediates the Association of Social Capital and Oral Health 

Dr. Noha A. Gomaa


Suraya Dhalla, DDS Class of 2023, University of Toronto

Mapping Epigenetic Mechanisms Linking Psychosocial Stress and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes

Dr. Noha A. Gomaa