Dentistry staff announcement

Schulich Dental Clinics welcome Sydney Van Meerbergen and Yvonne Neatby to their new staff roles.

Van Meerbergen, has accepted a position as the Infection Prevention and Control and Continuous Quality Improvement Manager. Dedicated leadership for these portfolios has been much needed due to the large and complex nature of Schulich dental services, patient populations, demographics and many converging processes. Van Meerbergen will be responsible for ongoing IPAC needs in the clinic as well as leading strategic initiatives for continuous quality improvement. Previously she was the Infection Control Coordinator and acting Administrative Officer. 

Yvonne Neatby is the new Office Manager for the clinics. Neatby joins Schulich Dentistry from the Canadian Armed Forces, where she held a number of positions — most recently Chief Logistics Officer. Her experience in human resources and finance, as well as her Bachelor’s degree in English and Business from Brandon University will be an asset in her new role. Neatby manages the administrative team, with involvement in patient services, clinic scheduling and other related administrative functions.