A fresh approach to community seminars

Schulich Dentistry’s community research seminars have returned as the Seminars in Dental Sciences series, reflecting a new approach to the bi-monthly events. 

Previously known as the Schulich Dentistry Research Seminar Series, the name change reflects a new mandate of engaging the broader Western community in hot topics in dentistry and dental research.

“I think it is crucial that we foster a sense of belonging to a scientific community that involves all faculty, staff and students, and the new seminars are structured just for that,” said Dr. Noha Gomaa, Academic Lead, Dentistry Research Affairs. 

In the spirit of engaging a wider community of experts and participants, the new series features speakers both internal and external to Schulich Dentistry.

Seminars are facilitated in a hybrid style – allowing for both virtual and in-person attendance – and cover a wide range of topics from ‘bench-to-chair,’ said Dr. Gomaa. 

From sharing novel surgical techniques, to exploring the impact of overall health on oral care and disease, or discussing the best evidence-based research practices, the seminars represent the diversity of dental science.

The latest seminar, held on November 10 by Assistant Professor Dr. Abbas Jessani, covered topics related to oral health outreach from a local to a global perspective. He spoke about prevalent dental diseases and unmet oral health needs in various regions worldwide and in Ontario, and the importance of preventative dentistry and comprehensive oral care data.

His seminar also brought attention to the particular barriers faced by several underserved and under-researched populations, such as people living with HIV and those part of the LGBTQ2S+ community.

The next Seminars in Dental Sciences event will take place on November 23, with Dr. Sharat Pani, Assistant Professor, Paediatric Dentistry, titled “Research in Special Care Dentistry: What does it mean for the 21st Century Clinician?”